WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 3 Part 28: Questions

Lesson 28 Chapter 1 Module 1

"Central Italy" is studied here. Can you answer all our questions correctly?

1. In Central Italy the vineyards are in the hills and valleys of THE ALPS with altitude providing a moderate influence on the hot climate:


2. Whereabouts is Tuscany?


3. What is THE MOST dominant grape variety in Tuscany?


4. What are the characteristics of Sangiovese?


5. Sangiovese ages well:


6. How do the vineyards of Chianti Classico DOCG differ from Chianti DOCG?


7. How long MUST Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG be aged for?


8. What is the HIGHEST designation for Chianti Classico wines?


9. Due to the WARMER climate wines from Southern Tuscany are OFTEN less intense and less full bodied than wines from Chianti:


10. What was THE FIRST “Super-Tuscan” wine made from?


11. Which region is known for its white wine Orvieto DOC?


12. What is Orvieto a blend of?


13. Frascati DOC is made in Lazio solely from MALVASIA grapes:


14. Which two wine regions are located on The Eastern side of The Apennines?


15. What is Marche BEST KNOWN for?


16. What are the characteristics of Verdicchio wines?


17. What grape variety is Abruzzo famous for?


18. What are the charactistics of Montepulciano?


19. ALL Montepulciano wines are simple and fruity WITHOUT any oak ageing:


20. Conero DOCG is a blend of which two grapes?