WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 3 Part 24: Questions

Lesson 24 Chapter 1 Module 1

Study "Tokaj", the region in Hungary and then answer our questions.

1. Where is Tokaj?


2. Tokaj ONLY makes premium botrytised sweet wines:


3. What is the most widely planted white grape variety used in the making of Tokaji?


4. By tradition what sized bottles is the Tokaji sold in?


5. What has the minimum residual sugar level for Tokaji Aszu been raised to since 2013?


6. What are the ageing requirements for Tokaji Aszu since 2013?


7. Which of the Tokaji wines develop a character similar to that of Fino Sherry?


8. The production of Tokaji  Aszu starts with a base wine made from HEALTHY grapes:


9. What are Puttonyos?


10. What are the characteristics of classic Tokaji?