WSET Level 1 Wines

Level 1 Wines. Practice Questions Set A

Lesson 13

Please note that these are OUR exam STYLE questions. They are NOT past papers and were not produced by or copied from WSET exams

1. Fino Sherry is a dry wine


2. What style of wine is a Chateauneuf-du-Pâpe?


3. Which gives colour to red wine?


4. Which two factors contribute to the body of a wine?


5. At what alcohol percentage does yeast die?


6. Why is acidity important for sweet wines?


7. A wine made from under-ripe grapes will taste


8. Cool climate wines are typically lower in alcohol


9. Which of the following does a region’s climate tell us?

1  Expected temperatures

2  Expected weather conditions

3  Expected style of wine

4  Expected type of grape




10. Which of the following wines is Germany most famous for?


11. Which grape can be described as having floral aromas?


12. Pinot Noir produces wines with cherry, black pepper and blackberry flavours


13. Which of the following is a wine made from Sauvignon Blanc?


14. Where is Rioja?


15. The harvesting of grapes is in


16. When tasting wine why is it important to draw in air?


17. A standard 75cl. bottle of wine holds how many 125ml. glasses?


18. Why should Port be served in a small glass?


19. Within what temperature range should Cava be served?


20. To open a sparkling wine, you turn the bottle not the cork


21. LDA refers to the age at which someone may legally purchase alcohol


22. Which acronym refers to the degree of alcohol concentrated in the blood system?


23. Which of the following foods is high in umami?


24. Blue cheese matches best with which style of wine?


25. Salt decreases the perception of acidity in a wine


26. To successfully pair a dessert with a wine, the wine should be


27. A low acid wine is a good match for fatty or oily foods


28. Which of the following is NOT considered a high risk element in a wine?


29. Individual personal preferences should be taken into account when matching wine with food


30. A strongly flavoured curry will match well with simple unoaked wines