WSET Level 1 Wines

Level 1 Wines. Growing Grapes

Lesson 10

Chapter 2 from the new book introduced September 2018

1. What are grapes?


2. Grape vines only live for one or two years:


3. A grape vine flowers:


4. As grapes ripen:


5. As they ripen black grapes change in colour from green to purple:


6. What do grape vines need to grow and produce good quality fruit?


7. Between what latitudes do grape vines grow best?


8. In cool climate regions it is common to grow:


9. What are the characteristics of a warm climate region?


10. Generally speaking the colder it is the higher the levels of sugar and the lower the levels of acid in the grapes:


11. Which of these are examples of cool climate wine regions?


12. Which of these is an example of a warm climate region?


13. How do grape’s flavours taste in warmer climates?


14. What type of grape is commonly grown in warm climate wine regions?


15. Grape vines grow best in areas where the winter is cold enough for them to rest: