WSET Level 1 Wines

Level 1 Wines. Grape Varieties & How Wine is Made Set 2

Lesson 4

1. Which of these is a black grape variety?


2. St. Emilion is a Merlot based wine from Bordeaux


3. Cabernet Sauvignon has


4. Sauvignon Blanc produces wine that are


5. Pinot Grigio is commonly the wine of which country?


6. Beaujolais is a red wine from France


7. Soave is


8. France produces a full-bodied red wine with red fruits and spicy flavours called


9. How is red wine made?


10. Fermentation/maturation in oak can add this of these flavours to wine


11. Rosé wine is made by adding colourants to the juice


12. Grapes are harvested in


13. The French grape variety Syrah is called Shiraz in Australia


14. What grape variety is used for red Burgundy?


15. Sauternes is