WSET Sample Revision

WSET level 3 Wines True or False 19

Lesson 4

Please note that these are OUR exam STYLE questions. They are NOT past papers and were not produced by or copied from WSET exams

1. It is preferable that grapes used for sparkling wine should be higher in sugar than those used for stiil wine.

2. Low acid levels are also required for sparkling wines.

3. Grapes used for sparkling wine grow best in cool climate conditions.

4. The grapes used for all sparkling wines are always hand-picked.

5. The Traditional Method used to make sparkling wine requires a second fermentation in bottle.

6. Not all base wines are used the year after harvest.

7. Liqueur de tirage is a mixture of wine, sugar, yeast, yeast nutrients and a clarifying agent.

8. Yeast autolysis only lasts a few months.

9. Liqueur d'expedition is a mixture of yeast and sugar.

10. Vintage dating is always used on sparkling wines.

11. The Transfer Method of making sparkling wine is cheaper because it takes less time and riddling and disgorgement are not part of the process.

12. Carbonation is the cheapest method of making sparkling wine.

13. A sparkling wine labelled Brut has a residual sugar level of between 12- 17g/l

14. Prestige cuvee indicates the best wine a producer has to offer.

15. Most of the soils in the Champagne region are clay.

16. Alsace does not allow aromatic wines to be used for its Cremant sparkling wine.

17. Spanish law only allows Cava to be made in Catalunya.

18. Asti is not aged, but is sweet and low in alcohol.

19. The terms Cartizze and Rive indicate a high quality Prosecco.

20. Most Sekt is made in Germany using the Transfer Method with locally sourced base wines.