WSET Sample Revision

WSET Level 2 Spirits True or False 4

Lesson 3

Please note that these are OUR exam STYLE questions. They are NOT past papers and were not produced by or copied from WSET exams

1. A fermented alcoholic liquid has to be distilled at least twice to produce a spirit.

2. Baileys was the first  to use cream in its liqueur.

3. Only pot stills are used to make Whisky.

4. A Hurricane glass is short with straight sides and used to serve a toddy.

5. Only grains are used to make Vodka.

6. All newly made spirits are colourless, dry and water-white.

7. To make Tequila the leaves are cooked to release the sweet juices.

8. Colour extracted from plant material is always more stable than artificial colours.

9. Cachaca is a sugar cane based rum from Martinique.

10. Blanche is the name of an Armagnac brandy that has not been aged.

11. High levels of abv can only be reached by using a column still.

12. The spirit used in a Sidecar is Cognac.

13. Ice needs to be at a temterature of  more than 32 degrees F. to chill a drink effectively.

14. VS Armagnac has the longest minimum ageing requirement of all the types of Armagnac.

15. XO on a bottle of Rum guarantees the age of the spirit.

16. Artisanal Mezcal has no restrictions on how it is produced, unlike Ancestral Mescal.

17. Salt is not present in spirits.

18. Caramel, menthol, burnt sugar and toffee are generally associated with having grapes as the raw material,

19. Cuba is the world's largest producer of Rum.

20. Most of the Whiskies from Speyside have a distinct smoke and peat aroma.