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[Sticky] WSET Specification PDF's  


Team NWS
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18/06/2018 3:16 pm  

WSET - Wine and Spirit Education Trust-was founded as a charitable trust in London in 1969. Today its qualifications are available in over 70 countries and in 19 languages. Approved Programme Providers (of which Northern Wine School is proud to be one) are appointed to teach their Awards.

The courses are undergoing a lot of development with a separation of Wines and Spirits into standalone Awards. For example although there is a Level 2 Spirits the Level 2 Wines and Spirits will not be replaced until 2019 and Level 3 spirits is not ready yet as of June 2018.

Here are links to the PDFs of the specifications of the main Awards.

Level 1 Wines:

Level 1 Spirits:

Level 2 Wines and Spirits:

Level 2 Spirits:

Level 3 Wines: