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What level should I start at?  


Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 5
17/06/2018 10:51 am  

I'm planning on taking Wset wine Awards this year but don't know where to start. Should I begin with level 1 or 2? Any advice from people who have done them much appreciated.

Team NWS
Member Admin
Joined: 6 years ago
Posts: 20
17/06/2018 2:08 pm  

Hi vonlost and welcome! Level 1 is very much for the wine novice. If you know quite a bit about the subject already you may find it to be too basic. Level 2 (which currently also includes some spirits study) is much more demanding, however you don't need to have done Level 1 to study for the Level 2 Award.

In our experience though, quite a number of people (particularly if they have been out of education for a while) feel that doing Level 1 first eases them into the WSET Awards and success gives them the confidence to tackle the higher levels. It is only one day and is obviously less costly so that they can get a taste for what's involved without as much expense in both time and money.

Obviously if you are a complete novice you may want to start with Level 1 to learn the basics first.


Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 7
17/06/2018 2:31 pm  

I have the same dilemma vonlost. I'm told that Level 2 is a much more useful qualification for the trade but it's years since I last sat an exam and I'm tempted to do Level 1 first to get my feet wet.