• Bought Your Tickets Yet? Australian and New Zealand Wine Tasting

    Got Your Tickets Yet?

    Have you booked for our "Wines From Down Under Course" on the 22nd. September? We'll be exploring these complex and powerful wines in detail. Of course most of you will be familiar with the famous Australian wine brands from "Down Under" but we will be discovering some beauties from smaller producers too.

    There's lots to find out about the surprisingly varied wines from New Zealand too. This results from the amazing range of climates in such a small country.

    Tickets are selling fast so don't miss out!

    Find out more here & book now

    New Zealand Wine Country

    New Zealand Wine Country

  • Wine Tasting Manchester-What to Expect

    Take a Peek at Our Events

    You will get an idea about how our fun and friendly Manchester wine tasting courses are run. See how the tables are set up and what we can offer you whether you come to one of our regular sessions or book a private party.

    As you will see in the short video, some of our Manchester wine tasting courses involve food & wine matching. The Wine & Cheese event is one of those shown being set up. This is one of our most popular wine tasting courses. See details on this page.

    Of course we run lots of wine tastings in Manchester including events for business get togethers and hen parties. See what we can offer you on our All Courses Page.

  • Which of our Manchester Wine Tastings Should You Choose?

    Ready to Pour Wine

    Ready to Pour Wine

    It's Something We're Often Asked

    You run so many different Manchester based wine tasting courses-which should I choose?

    This is an understandable reaction particularly if you haven't been to one of our wine tastings before. Or if you haven't been to a wine tasting event ever!

    So let's try to make it easier for you to choose. This could be a choice for you or a gift of one of our Manchester Wine Tasting Courses for a friend, work mate or relative.

    The Obvious First Choice-Our Discovery Course

    You can't go wrong with our Discovery Events
    as they are designed to be an introduction to wine tasting. This makes them an ideal place to start your wine tasting journey here in Manchester.

    However you or other members of your party may be a little bit more experience. Or you may have a particular interest in a certain region or style of wine. In that case...

    The World of Wine Courses May Fit The Bill

    Our World of Wine events explore the subject in more detail. You may be going to Spain, Italy or Australia for example and would like to find out more about their wines. These tastings in Manchester are a super way to explore each country's produce in more depth.

    Finally you may love all kinds of bubbly and want to know more about it. Or you may want to explore the finer arts of wine and food matching. If so...

    Our Premium Courses Are For You

    Wine and food matching, wine and cheese and of course a specialist Fizz Tasting are all here.

    These courses are popular all year round but are specially so in the run up to Christmas.

    All of our Events Make Great Gifts

    Don't forget that you can buy all these courses as gifts for someone special. Our gift vouchers don't run out so they can be used at any time. Find out about our Manchester Wine Tastings and Courses as gifts here.

  • First Public Event at The Bridge Manchester

    We've had a couple of highly successful private wine tasting events at The Bridge Tavern, Manchester. Recently we held our first public one.

    Celebrating White Wine went down really well. All our guests were really impressed with the Tavern's function room. It's not what you would expect in a City Centre pub that doesn't look out of the ordinary from the outside.

  • Wine Blind Tasting

    Blind Tasting Wine at The Bridge Tavern, Manchester

    We're getting ready for the challenge with our new black tasting glasses! These will make judging our mystery wines even more interesting on the night.

    Blind Wine Tasting at The Bridge Tavern, Manchester

    Blind Wine Tasting at The Bridge Tavern, Manchester

    These new black glasses remove the visual clues to the type of wine being tasted. This means you can't even tell if there is a red or white wine in your glass!

    So with only your senses of smell and taste to rely on-how would you get on?