• Northern Wine School Gift Guide

    ​Welcome to The Northern Wine School Gift Guide! Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are done and dusted & you still haven't got those important presents for special people? We have some inspiration for you. Here are some ideas we've gathered together to make buying for your loved ones so much easier.

    Experiences are remembered long after The Festivities are over.

    Manchester Wine Tasting Gifts

    Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

    Great for budding wine enthusiasts to start them out on their wine tasting journey. One of our most popular gift ideas and a sure fire winner.

    ​The classic match made in heaven What could be a better gift for wine and cheese lovers? There are several versions of this delicious event for them to choose from-all using the same voucher!

    ​Super treat for steak and red wine lovers. Rounded off with a cheese board in Malmaison's private dining room-The Ember Lounge.

    ​The ultimate wine tasting, 10 fantastic wines with three delicious courses. Followed by tea and coffee in Malmaison's private dining room. An indulgent day learning about wine and food matching.

    Gift Ideas for Gin Lovers

    ​The drink of the moment! A chance to taste six craft gins and experiment with mixers, botanicals and garnishes. Always a lively fun evening.

    ​New for 2019 we've added a taste of luxury to our famous gin tasting by including a delicious afternoon tea at Malmaison. An indulgent treat for gin lovers!

    Gift​ Idea-Let Them Choose

    ​This option offers the choice of a wide range of events. Currently these include:

    • All wine and cheese options
    • Gin Tastings
    • Whisky Tasting
    • Charcuterie and Wine Tasting

    In fact any £30 event from our calendar

  • Back to School Offer-Manchester Wine Tasting

    ​Try The Discovery Course-Bargain Price

    ​If you've never been to a Wine Tasting before-our Discovery Event is the course for you! To tempt you further we've got this great offer on our September dates. If you use the code 25NWS at checkout you'll get tickets for only £17.25pp instead of the usual £23!

    ​What To Expect on the Night

    • check
      You get to taste six great wines
    • check
      A fun evening with like-minded people
    • check
      ​You'll learn to taste wine like a professional
    • check
      Gain knowledge to choose better wines in the store
    • check
      Enjoy appetizers with your wine

    But Don't Delay!

    These tickets are going fast! So if you've always wanted to take the plunge-now's the time! Don't miss out save £5.75 but only for these two September events: 5th. and 26th. ONLY.

    Tuesday 5/09/2017 Castlefield Hotel, Manchester

    Tuesday 26/09/2017 Castlefield Hotel, Manchester

    I bought the Discovery course as a gift for my Dad but I also bought a ticket for myself - a complete newbie to wine.
    The structure of the session was excellent, with a fun activity to start with and then the tasting to follow. It had a nice informal feel.John was extremely knowledgeable and packed the session full of interesting facts and tips. He was perfect for a complete beginner or a seasoned wine drinker. He provided plenty of resources, some of which I wish I looked at more.
    As a cheese lover, this was a perfect bridge to get into wine for me.
    I thoroughly recommend this to anybody. I loved it!

    Tom Millward ... via Google
  • Wine and Cheese Tasting Manchester

    Wine and Cheese Tasting Manchester

    We're delighted to announce our new event-French Wine & Cheese tasting

    We would love to treat you to the heavenly combination of French Wine and Cheese Tasting Manchester. Which delicious wine goes with which fantastic cheese? You will have the chance to find out at our new French wine and cheese tasting event in Central Manchester.

    France is a cheese lover's heaven and the French take their cheese very seriously indeed. On any trip to France you can see market stalls groaning under the weight of a huge array of cheeses. Supermarkets have counters stretching as far as the eye can see, laden with dozens of mouthwatering varieties, every shape and size imaginable.

    Every region of France has its own particular cheeses. Over 400 at the last count and if you add in the varieties of each type, the total shoots up to nearly 1000. That's a lot of cheese! Many of the best cheeses are bound by rules and regulations which ensure that quality and traditions are upheld.

    The French treat their cheese with an astounding level of reverence, pride and care.

    Discover the Variety of Cheeses in France

    The French use mainly three types of milk for their cheese, cow's, goat's and ewe's. Although one enterprising cheesemaker from Alencon is using horse milk!

    There are traditionally three main families of cheeses. Here are a few examples of the most famous and tasty types of French cheese, some of which we may be choosing for our wine and cheese tasting in Manchester:


    These are hard cheeses similar to the ones we have in The UK.

    • Comté-a delicious cooked cheese made in Eastern France sometimes aged for over 6 months
    • Cantal-a tasty uncooked cheese from The Auvergne mountains. Often aged to increase strength and flavour
    • Tomme des Pyrénées-a hard mild cheese with a distinctive black skin
    • Reblochon-a rich soft cheese with a strong flavour made in The Alps


    A soft fresh cheese with a bloomy edible rind .

    • Brie de Meaux-a mild creamy cheese made to the East of Paris
    • Camembert-a soft runny cheese, from Normandy presented in a box
    • Epoisses-a strong rind washed soft cheese from Burgundy
    • Goat's cheese-fresh and spreadable with a farmyard flavour


    A semi-soft cheese, ripened and affected by mould.

    • Roquefort-a blue cheese made from ewe's milk in The Pyrénées
    • Fourme d'Ambert-a mild cheese with a nutty flavour from The Auvergne
    • Bleu des Causses-a crumbly cow's milk cheese with a strong flavour. From The South of France
    • Bleu de Gex-a hard but mild blue cheese from the Swiss border

    This is only a small sample of the French cheeses on offer. At our French Wine and Cheese Tasting Manchester we will select the best styles available in The UK with wines carefully chosen to bring out the range of flavours. Come along and discover your favourites at our new French wine and cheese tasting event in Central Manchester. See full details on our French Wine and Cheese Event page.

    You will also find more great events, many involving food as well as cheese on The Premium Course Page

    Cheese and wine tasting Manchester

    Cheese and wine tasting Manchester

    Wine and Cheese Tasting Manchester

    Wine and Cheese Manchester

  • What are ‘ISO wine tasting’ glasses?

    They are professional glasses that help you assess and appreciate your wine more. Not so we can give out stingy samples!

    An ISO Professional Wine Tasting Glass Ready For Use

    An ISO Professional Wine Tasting Glass Ready For Use

    These are scientific, specially designed glasses that are authenticated and standardised for use in the wine industry around the world. (ISO stands for 'International Standards Organisation', the accrediting body).They are used in places from wineries such as in tasting and blending rooms, to classrooms and wine merchants. They are used by Wine Educators, Sommeliers and other trade professionals at many types of event.

    The 'tulip' shape of the glass helps direct aromas to the rim and concentrate them towards your nose. The rounded bowl also leaves plenty of room to swirl the wine, stirring up the more delicate aromas and flavours, without spillage. It also allows you to tilt the glass at an almost 45 degree angle against a white background, so you can fully assess the colour.

    The broad stem helps you grip the glass properly, without having to touch the bowl and warm the wine too much. It also helps you stop smearing too much dirt and oil from your hands on the bowl. The glass is very pure, so light is not scattered too much. They are ultra tough, so they survive knocks, clinks and (most importantly!) multiple dish washer cycles.

    Would you like to learn a bit more about wine, and enjoy a great alternative night out with friends? Why not try one of our Discovery Courses. They're a lot of fun, and stuffed full of even more great wine tips like this!

  • Food and Wine Matching

    It's Really Simple...

    Opinions vary about which wines to match with certain foods. Some of it is down to personal taste, although it's true that particular flavours bring out the best in each other. Some wines are definitely more food friendly than others.

    Food and wine matching Manchester

    Food and wine matching Manchester

    Food and Wine Matching at our Manchester Events

    Food and Wine Matching at our Manchester Events

    Food Friendly Wines

    These include:

    • Sparkling wines
    • Pinot Noir
    • Riesling

    Want to Find Out What Works for You?

    The best way to find out what goes with what is to taste it and see. It's mainly down to you anyway. But we'll give you some great tips and advice at our special food and wine matching evenings in Manchester.

    Cut out the brain ache and come along to our specially devised course which will guide you gently along your path to wine and food pairing heaven.

    See this page for more details about our next Food and Wine Matching Event.

  • Wine Tasting Middleton Manchester

    John has been invited to host a wine tasting in Middleton Manchester on Thursday November 10th. This will be held at All That Sparkles Vintage Tea Room, Manchester New Road. Tickets are available from The Tea Room at only £26!
    For this you get a complimentary glass of Prosecco on arrival, a delicious cheese board and a tasting of six different wines. There will be a booklet of tasting notes to  take home as a momento of what promises to be a wonderful evening.

    Wine Tasting Middleton Manchester

    Wine Tasting Middleton Manchester

    Full details on their Facebook Page