Champagne Bureau Masterclass at Sheffield Hallam University

The Champagne Bureau The CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne) is a semi autonomous official body that looks after the interests of the thousands of Champagne vine growers and wine makers. It has several responsibilities, the most (in)famous perhaps being its fierce legal protection of Champagne’s status as a protected designation of origin product. […]

What is Gin? Part 1- What is Gin Made From?

All gin starts out life as a pre-distilled neutral base spirit with little or no character. The majority are made from a base of grains, (ie, vodka!) but other raw materials can be used such as grapes or mead. This neutral spirit is then re-distilled with flavouring ingredients known as ‘botanicals,’ or natural or artificial […]

Christmas Wine Suggestions

Christmas gatherings can be a bit of a nightmare to cater and select wines for, especially with lots of guests. The more people there are, inevitably the wider diversity of personal tastes and preferences. It’s first of all important to remember that you will never please everyone! However, here I’ll lay out some suggested Christmas […]

John’s Monthly Wine Recommendations: September

White Wine ASDA Extra Special Rueda Verdejo 2015, £5.48 ASDA Extra Special Rueda Verdejo 2015 The Rueda region, north west of Madrid is where winemakers are creating increasingly exciting and deliciously smooth wines from the little known Verdejo grape. This high plateau area with cold winters and hot summers is perfect for ripening grapes with […]