Job Vacancy: Freelance Wine & Spirits Tasting Presenter, Manchester

Vacancy: Freelance Wine & Spirits Tasting Presenter Rates of pay ranging from £100.00 to £150.00 per event (usually around 4-7 hours work including set up, hosting & clearing away time) plus potential further training opportunities. This role would especially suit those already in the wine trade looking to boost their income and who already have […]

How do I BecomE A Wine Expert? It’s Easier Than You Might Think!

You don’t necessarily have to take qualifications and exams, but that can help prove it to yourself and others on paper. Having qualifications allows you to pick good value wines from the lesser known regions, find the perfect wine gift or ordering a bottle for the table at your favourite restaurant. Here are a few […]

5 Ways to Get The Most out of Your Study Guide

The study guides have been designed to provide you with the knowledge and practice you’ll need in order to confidently sit your exams. To help you get the most out of the guides, we’ve put together 5 tips to follow when completing your studies so that you’ll pass your exams with flying colours! 1. Make […]

House party hosting: The basic rules

As we all know, the high-street has become a difficult place for pubs to survive on. Once upon a time they were dotted around on most corners – and the majority of neighborhoods in the land had one on their doorstep. Then, economic issues started to squeeze them away. It means that more and more […]

Hinomaru Jozo Sake Tasting at The Sparrows Restaurant, Manchester

John was very kindly invited along to a supplier tasting dinner at The Sparrows. This little restaurant, which seats at most 12 diners, is tucked away on Mirabel Street, under the railway arches opposite Manchester Arena. It is a hidden gem, specialising in pasta and ‘Spätzle,’ a type of pasta that forms the base of […]