How Can We Help You Enjoy Wine Even More?

  • Regular fun events
  • Easy to get to-great locations.
  • Hen Party? We can help organise yours.
  • Learn where to buy the best value wine.
  • We don't sell wine-get the best advice.

Why John Set Up Northern Wine School

His love of wine grew when working at a national merchants.

​He wanted to avoid wine snobbery.

You can gain from his professional knowledge-no matter what you know now.​

Who Comes to Our Events?

People just like you.

Come alone, as a couple or in a larger group. All are welcome and you will meet new people who share your love of wine.​ Many of our guests have made new friends too!

Where Do We Buy Our Wine?

Where we can from local stores.

You will be able to find most of the wines used easily​. Learn where to find the best value. We never sell wine.

We use local producers of other products-for example cheese on our Wine & Cheese events.​

What Can You Expect at a Tasting?

Above all fun!

Enjoy learning with our Aroma Kit-especially imported from France. Everybody​ loves trying this-can you guess the scents?

Definitely no stuffiness-you will enjoy a "laid back" time that's for sure!​

Don't Take Our Word For It.

Shamika Btripadvisor                 

​I had such a brilliant time learning about wines very pleased to say john was very informative and knows his stuff. Wines where just as tasty as the snacks he provided. I would do this again without hesitation it was so easy to find and after a long day at work this made my night

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John Callow

Northern Wine School

The Northern Wine School Story

 I was working for a  major wine merchant. Part of my job was to run tasting events ~ this was the part of it I loved.

But there just wasn't enough time for me to really share my love of wine with others. Then at a tasting event I had a "light bulb moment" A guest said "You should do this all the time-you obviously relish sharing your love and knowledge about wine".

The next day Northern Wine School was born.​ Within weeks of having the idea I had left my job and the school was my full time passion.