The study guides have been designed to provide you with the knowledge and practice you’ll need in order to confidently sit your exams. To help you get the most out of the guides, we’ve put together 5 tips to follow when completing your studies so that you’ll pass your exams with flying colours!

1. Make regular use of the guide

Results from our own students show that those who supplement their revision with the study guides frequently obtain much higher grades than those who don’t. Make the most of all the information in the guides as it will put you in a strong position going into exams.

2. Work through the guide in order

The study guides are organised based on the chapters in your WSET textbook. We recommend you read the sections in order and take the ‘test your knowledge’ quizzes as you go along. See how much you can remember without looking it up. This way, you know where to focus your revision.

3. Complete all the quizzes and exam sets

Did you know that you can reset them? Practice makes perfect! Redo each one and see how many you get right without going back to the book in the last few days before the exam. If you can pass these without looking, you will ace your exam.

4. Use the additional resources

There are additional downloadable resources such as fill in the blanks, map templates, word searches and more. You can access and download these as many times as you like. Download and keep them. The maps are especially useful for blitzing down notable areas, regions, climates, grape varieties, and styles of wine.

5. Ask for help

These resources have been designed by current WSET Certified Educators who use them to help their own students. They know the courses inside out. If you need any part of the syllabus clarifying, or the checking of an answer, just get in touch with us.

If you follow these steps and use the guides to their fullest potential, there will be nothing to stop you from passing your exam on the day! If you still think you need support, don’t forget to get in touch. We’re always here to help on 0161 883 1278 or at